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Franklin, Massachusetts
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Minutes of August 1,2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kim Leone   
Aug 01, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Minutes of Meeting on August 1, 2016. Meetings held at 23 Hutchison Street, Franklin, MA.

Mailing Address:  American Legion Post 75, P.O. Box 42, Franklin, MA 02038.

Website: http://www.mapost75.com/


Officer roll call:

Commander - John Milot


1st Vice - Ron Arpino


2nd Vice & Post Service Officer John Hefele


Adjutant – Kim Leone


Finance - Kent Belcher


SGT at Arms – Bob Markunis


Chaplain – George Ferguson


Historian - Matt McGrath


Ø  12 members in attendance.

Ø  Minutes from July meeting reviewed and accepted. 

Ø  Next Meeting:  SEPTEMBER 12, 2016, 7:00



1.     Post 75 – If you need a ride to one of our monthly meetings, PLEASE contact the Post Commander John Milot 508-520-8771.




1.     The Road Race Committee continues to receive sponsorship funds and donations from this year’s race.  We received good feedback from participants on this year’s race.  There were 63 runners in total.  Though the exact total is not known yet, it is expected that the race made more this year than in previous years.  Kent will calculate this for the next meeting once all the race related bills have been reimbursed.  It was agreed that we would hold another race next year.  Doug Wahl asked whether there was any interest in changing the weekend next year to the weekend prior which would be June 17, 2017.  Before doing this, we should be careful of conflicts with other local events held on this weekend. 



1.     A question was asked about the Boys and Girls State Programs.  This is a summer program that teaches high school students how government works (non-partisan) while developing leadership skills and appreciation for their rights as citizens.  Participants run for office, learn public speaking and create and enforce laws and actively participate in all phases of creating and running a working government.  – Have we sent anyone in the past to this?  Yes, in some years we have.


Further information can be obtained from the website, www.boysandgirlsstate.org


2.     Dave Labonte has created a flyer for the Post cookout in September - The flyer will be sent out with the Post minutes – The date of the cookout is Saturday, September 17th at 1:00.  Dave suggested we establish rules and standards for the horseshoe tournament.  Ray and Dave will work on this.   Do we need to purchase more horseshoes?  Parker has some that he will lend. This was a great time last year!  Please RSVP to Dave Labonte if you plan to attend. 



3.     Please note that the first Monday of September falls on a holiday.  Therefore the September meeting will be held on September 12th.


4.     The uniform committee (Steve, Bob M. and Jim) will be purchasing 4 to 6 black cords for the post to be used for funeral details.  Bob M. will purchase these.  The post already has enough white gloves. It was recommended that funeral detail shifts not be longer than one hour for each volunteer.  When serving on an honor guard it was recommended that all wear a long sleeve white uniform shirt with dark blue or black pants.


5.     Bob Markunis asked for volunteers for a Veterans Day event he is planning at the Cornerstone Assisted Living Facility in Milford at 2:00 on November 11th.  He needs 4 to 6 people in uniform for this event.  The purpose is to honor veterans who live there.  There will be a flag ceremony and a fellowship meeting with refreshments.  Bob is also planning to reach out to the Milford American Legion for their participation as well.  Please reach out to Bob Markunis directly if you can assist.



6.     Brockton VA visit – Matt has a date for the next Brocton VA visit.  Tuesday, September 20th – Time TBD.  Please send Matt McGrath an e-mail if you are interested in volunteering.  At least 4 to 5 volunteers are needed.  This is an extremely rewarding event – the residents at the VA are always glad to see us so if you can volunteer please reach out to Matt.  A ride can be arranged if you need one.



7.     Poker Tournament news – John M. has received the paperwork and started to fill it out.  Kent needs to complete it….Dates for the next Tournament are TBD.



1.     Post Strategic Plan. Dave Labonte and Matt McGrath  

a.     Dave & Matt are meeting to discuss this effort. All invited to assist. Contact Dave or Matt for details.


2.     Poker Tournament Committee: Members – Kent, Kim, John M, Jim Mc. and Dave Labonte


3.     Fund Raising Committee. New fundraisers under discussion for 2016. 

4.     Raffle committee - John Milot, Ron Arpino, Matt McGrath


5.     Road Race Committee – Doug, Kim and Frank

6.     Scholarship Committee. – Kent, Ray, Steve


7.     Public Relations Committee ANY VOLUNTEERS? 

8.     Assisting/Visiting Veterans in Local hospitals. Matt McGrath leads this committee.  


9.     The American Legion Boys State program. Committee members: John Milot and Doug Wahl.

10.  Franklin Funeral Homes committee John M, Matt McGrath, Parker Vetrano, Paul Kennedy, Jim Mc, John H. and George Ferguson.

11.  Local School Flag Transfer Committee: Matt McGrath and Jim McNeill.


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